A rather historic scientific achievement will be unfolding in a matter of just a few days, as NASA will be launching an unmanned aerial vehicle from the rover that recently touched down on the red planet.

The idea of a helicopter hovering above the surface of Mars might have been scoffed at by scientists sixty-years ago when NASA formed, but the concept is about to play out towards the end of the first week in April, and we will have the opportunity to tap into a live feed with NASA team members.

The NASA helicopter, Ingenuity, will take flight from Perseverance Rover between April 7 and 9, according to the most recent estimation by NASA scientists. The event is being compared to the Kitty Hawk experimental aircraft flights executed by the Wright Brothers in 1903. While the distance between the Earth and Mars varies at certain times of the year, the idea of launching a drone millions of miles into outer space is pretty remarkable.

A July, 2020, YouTube upload from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory regarding the event has garnered a lot of online excitement, which has been viewed more than 1 million times. NASA scientists will be answering questions and discussing the event in a webinar scheduled for April 5, at 1:30 P.M. (EDT).

The Perseverance Rover landed on Mars February 18, 2021, after a seven-month flight. The rover is currently located near Mars' Jezero Crater. The rover will be conducting tests from the planet for another couple of weeks.

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