Shoes are gross. We walk in public bathrooms, through mud puddles, across grass that has been used as a restroom for animals and then we walk in our houses. Some things in life you can look past others you can not!

Do you make your guests take off their shoes when they come into your home?

And if you don't, do you get OFFENDED when you're a guest and someone asks you to take your shoes off?

People on both sides of the argument have STRONG opinions why they're right.

People who say it's okay to ask guests to take their shoes off say it's a sign of sophistication and politeness. . . keeps the carpet and floors clean. . . and helps people relax and put their feet up.

People who say you shouldn't ask guests to take their shoes off say it's tacky . . . can catch people off-guard if they aren't wearing socks . . . and sometimes seems more like a POWER PLAY than anything else.

The only thing we agree on is that if you're wearing boots that are covered in mud or snow, you should voluntarily take them off.  And if you DO ask people to take their shoes off, have socks available for them to put on.