There’s something for everyone when it comes to home buying. Your realtor is there to help you find the perfect house. Let them know about bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and lot size requirements. Do you want a cul-de-sac? Is the house within walking distance of schools? How close is the grocery store? Sure, those are all good things to know. But what about the things people don’t usually think about?

My husband and I should send our realtor a card every anniversary of our home purchase. We consistently joked ‘Where can we hide the bodies?’, ‘Does the oven have a cremation setting?’, 'Are the squirrel gangs prevalent in this area?', or ‘Will the fence hold back the zombie hordes?’. She smiled and laughed for over a year as we searched for a home to buy. She should get a trophy.

How to Decide If Cemetery Property is Right for You?

I have decided that if we ever buy another house, I’d like one next to a cemetery. My husband is a little apprehensive, but I think it would be perfect. We may be able to double the awesome by looking for a haunted house next to a cemetery.

No really, I’ve thought a lot about this. The neighbors are quiet. The visitors aren’t too rowdy. The yards are well maintained. If we get a driveway facing the right way, there’s next to no traffic. The property may even cost less.

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Some people may balk at the idea of contaminants seeping into the ground as people ‘settle in’. I think as long as I’m on city water, I’m all good. Scary you ask? Naw, I’m not afraid of anything a cemetery can do, it’s the living that can wreak havoc. What about resale you ask? Well, if I’m wanting the advantages of cemetery-adjacent life, I bet someone else is too. I can wait until the right person comes knocking. It took me over a year to settle on our current house. I’m patient.

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