We were discussing this morning, and I vehemently said that "irregardless" is not a word, however, there is some debate surrounding it's validity!

According to dictionary.com "Irregardless is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and less." Which doesn't necessarily mean it is NOT a word, it is just an improper word.

According to other reports, "irregardless" is something publishers and editors will not allow in print. So it could be debated that it is a spoken word and not a written word. But, we have been taught our whole lives that two negatives do not go together in writting. Ir- means not, "regardless" means to have no regard - so irregardless is to not have no regard?

There is also a huge lengthy discussion about it online, if you are curious.

Others debate, that it is in fact a word because when people say it or write it you know what it means, and because it is spoken with definition, it is a word.

The English Major in me can not fathom the idea of irregardless of being considered a word, but it looks to me like technically it can be considered one. That won't stop me from hearing nails on a chalk board whenever it is said.

What do you think? Is irregardless a word?


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