If you've been to any Boise State Football games this year, you've probably noticed that as the stadium fills up, the ability to call, text, and use data becomes more and more difficult.  That could be changing.

It can be a challenge to attempt to coordinate a meetup, and at times, nearly impossible to exchange a picture (only to have instant success a few moments later).

Verizon and Boise State have partnered to work towards improved coverage inside the stadium during major events according to CBS 2.  Verizon has committed to installing an antenna system that should boost available cell and data capacity during large events in the stadium.

Verizon will also be allowing other providers access to the system, which will allow those of us on AT&T (and other carriers) to see similar improvements.

The impact should begin to be noticed before June 2020, and could be the first of other locations in the Treasure Valley if it is proven to be effective.

Poor cell services has been a common theme from fans for years.  BSU officials also acknowledge that in an era of social media, the importance of successfully posting pictures and videos from events is important to the Bronco brand.


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