For some reason, there is a company looking for someone to move to the worst place in America. They aren't talking about Chubbuck. The company, HomeSnacks, did research and gathered information from studies to determine which part of the United States is literally the worst. That honor goes to a small town in Arkansas named Pine Bluff. By their description the town sounds like something from a movie. Using their algorithm for finding terribleness, Pine Bluff came up as not only the worst pace in America but also the most dangerous. Yet, they want someone to volunteer to move to this wretched town for a month and write about the experience...assuming they don't die in the process.

Pine Bluff is a town full of crime, poor public schools, a dwindling economy, and a terrible overall quality of life. So, if that sounds like a dream worth chasing to get away from ugly old Idaho, apply online. Idaho isn't perfect, we have earthquakes, COVID-19 restrictions, loads of people who are terrible at parking, and half the state is unemployed during this pandemic. Idaho does have a lot of good going for it. We aren't as restricted right now as most of the rest of the nation and there is beauty all around us. Plus, we aren't Arkansas.

I, for one, love it here in Idaho. But maybe there is someone out there struggling with the anxieties and restrictions of the pandemic and looking to escape their current life and find a new small dangerous adventure somewhere else. Just remember should you decide to apply for this 'opportunity' - you will be paid but the job will most likely not be fun or safe. Also you have to sign a waiver that states:

release all legal claims to Chasing Chains LLC should you be injured or otherwise impacted negatively during your time as our correspondent.

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