A new study came out from wallethub that ranked the best and worst school systems across the nation. Idaho is ranking higher than it has in previous years for quality but lower in safety.

According to the study, Idaho is ranked 38th overall in the nation. Still on the lower end of things but doing better than it has in previous years. Idaho is ranked 35th in the nation when it comes to quality of education but ranks 50th in safety. Which surprises me very much.

Statistically, Idaho is ranked 47th in bullying cases which is one of the highest in the nation. The states with the most bullying are West Virginia, Alaska, Louisiana, Idaho and Arkansas.

Looking deeper into the study, the ranking for safety is based on statewide school closures due to COVID-19, the existence of a digital learning plan, out of school access to material, the share of students not attending due to safety concerns, parents who agree their children go to safe schools, access to illegal drugs, students participating in violence, armed high school students, school shootings, bullying, incarceration rate for youth, a school safety plan and safety of roads around the schools.

I have a feeling the COVID-19 guidelines may have been what deemed our schools "unsafe". The top 5 states for schools are Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia and Vermont.

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