If you've ever found yourself driving around wondering if you're the only smart person living in Idaho, you might be right. 

According the the folks over at Zippa, Idaho doesn't rank so high.  Massachusetts is ranked #1, as the smartest and Idaho comes it at a not-so-bright 36.

If you're wondering how states were ranked, they basically factored in things like high school graduates vs dropouts, and the amount of college education relative to the state's population.

So at 36, Idaho isn't the worst state in the Union but it ranks lower than every single bordering state, with the exception of Nevada. I suppose we can take some solace in knowing that we are smarter than Nevada. They're ranked at #48. And we're not the dumbest state in America either. That award goes to Mississippi who is ranked the absolute dumbest state in the US.

And here's something you might find interesting. California is supposedly listed among the top 10 states. Well, if that's the case, why is everyone and their dog moving from California to Idaho?