Source: WalletHub

Idaho has its share of issues, but when it comes to work, we are the third happiest in America.

The folks at WalletHub did some number crunching and factored in things like longevity, physical fitness, depression, sleep, life expectancy and work environment to help determine which states were the happiest.

Idaho ranked #17 overall but landed at a respectable #3 when it comes to our overall work environment.  Most Idahoans report that they are happy with their work.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Idaho has the best pay. Idaho employes some of the lowest paid teachers in the union. But on the bright side, we are ranked one of the best states for taxpayers. 

All said, if you want to move to a more elated state, Utah ranked #2 in overall happiness... Or go for the gold and move the the happiest state of the Union, Minnesota.

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