We all know somebody that has a disability. It can be a family member, a friend, somebody you work with or went to school with, or perhaps it is you. Living with a disability can be tough, but with the right accommodations, life doesn't have to be the most difficult route. Pending on where you live, can often determine how hard getting around can be for some disabled peopled. Some towns are well accommodated and others have some work to do. When it comes to living in Idaho, are our cities accommodated enough for those with disabilities, or are we behind on the times?

Best and Worst Cities for those with Disabilities

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WalletHub recently released a list ranking the best cities for those with disabilities and used a few categories to help them, such as economy, quality of life, and health care. It was determined that Minneapolis is the best city for those with disabilities, with Pittsburgh and St. Louis rounding out the top three. Out of a possible 182 cities, Gulfport, Mississippi is the worst place for people with disabilities to live, with Mobile, Alabama, and Tallahassee, Florida rounding out the bottom three.

Is Idaho Good to Live in with Disabilities?

Credit: spukkato
Credit: spukkato

When it comes to living with disabilities in Idaho, you may want to consider another state. The Gem State has two cities that made the list with Boise ranking the best of the two at 124, and Nampa coming in at 167 out of a possible 182. Boise is 133 in economy, 132 in quality of life, and 59 in health care. Nampa is 129 in economy, 153 in quality of life, and 126 in health care. Except for Boise's healthcare, every category for the two cities is worse than a hundred. If it is possible to move out of Idaho, it may be an option you explore if you have a disability, and you may have a better quality of life if you do. 

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While there are many deciding factors in what makes a city truly good for living with a disability, this list does not take into account the different types of disabilities there are and what one can have. Some people may be better off in Boise due to their support system or their doctor, and financially, living in Nampa might be what a certain family needs. No matter your disability or who you know with one, as long as they can get the care they need, and have the support and love they need, then this list shouldn't put too much effect on how you feel living in Idaho. 

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