We usually think of somewhere tropical and "beachy" when we think of scuba diving. But for a dessert, Idaho has a lot of awesome places to go scuba diving.

Dierkes Lake - Twin Falls

It's not always the clearest water but it's close to home. And Dierkes comes complete with platforms and obstacles that are used during classes and instruction. It's considered by the diving community to be one of the more dive friendly spots in Idaho.

Fisher Lake in Hagerman, Idaho

Fisher Lake in Hagerman has shallow, clear water and some fish friends and crawfish you can check out.

Crystal Springs at Niagara Springs State Park

There are about 3 or 4 small docks at the lake where you can dive from. The water here is pretty shallow but it is nice and clear. Wildlife can be hard to spot in the middle of the thick vegetation.

Lucky Peak

Lucky Peak has several areas where you either dive from the shore or dock. With a max depth of 258 feet, Lucky Peak allows for deeper diving.

It turns out, Idaho has a little bit to offer for scuba enthusiasts. One thing you'll want to keep in mind is that Idaho's water isn't exactly tropical. You'll want to make sure you have dry suits and the appropriate gear to make sure you stay warm and that your dive is safe. If you're interested in taking up the sport, there are classes and expert resources in Twin Falls that can help get you started.


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