It is always a good time to play in Hagerman. The Boosters just finished the Rockchuck Derby and there’s already a new chance to play. Seems like Hagerman knows how to have fun.

Coming up on May 19th and 20th at the Memorial Gym, it’s The Spring Fling & Wing event. Bring antiques to have appraised (3 items for $5). But you don’t have to bring antiques, you can buy them as well. There will be vendors for arts, crafts, and food. That’s not what the wing portion is about though. ‘Wings’ does not mean hot wings.

The Wing portion of the Fling is birds in flight. Bird field trips to be specific. On Friday, there’s a hike to the Earl M Hardy Box Canyon Spring Preserve, bird watching at the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area, and a tour of Thousand Springs. On Saturday, there’s sunrise birding on Owlsey Bridge and Trail, a tour of Ritter Island, Jones Rang “Behind the Gate”, and even a kayak float of Billingsly Creek.

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I have a tendency to buy too much stuff at this kind of event, but I’m a sucker for cool stuff. I don’t think I’ll take this one on alone, though. If I bring my daughter on the kayak float, she can help me put all the new stuff I buy in the truck. Gotta love family-obligated manual labor.

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