Wow how amazing is this! An Idaho boy from Sugar City has won the Kids Baking Championship on the Food Network. Big congratulations to Keaton Ashton for his victory! Absolutely amazing.

Sugar City is in Madison County near Rexburg and only has a population of about 1,500. I am not sure of a more fitting name for a home town of a kid who loves to bake. He is 12 years old and killing it with his cakes.

For winning, Ashton got $25,000 dollars and featured in a magazine. The series is 10 weeks and he ended up winning the entire thing! If you want to check out some of his cakes, he has his own Instagram account where he showcases his talents. His handle is keatons_cakes and you can actually buy his creations. He will bake whatever you like.

Honestly, he would get my business right away because he declares, no fondant. Thank you Keaton, fondant is awful. I am not sure that is why he decided against fondant but still.

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Some of his cakes are absolutely stunning. At 12 years old this kid is going to be making bank with his new business and new publicity. He needs at least 3 months of notice to get your personalized cake complete. I wonder how he manages his business and school right now. Either way, congrats! That is definitely an amazing accomplishment.

It makes me wish I had some kind of artistic abilities, just more proof that kids these days are more talented and smarter than I ever was.

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