A smile is something wonderful to share. Smiles are like an infection that nobody minds passing on. A genuine smile tells people you are friendly and want to interact. How can Idaho get more smiles in their lives?

As children, alignment in the teeth department is important to prevent many problems later in life.

Distorted teeth can lead to gum disease and cavities. Teeth rubbing together can inhibit the effectiveness of brushing and flossing, preventing those good activities from doing their best work. Unclean teeth leave bacteria building up in gums, leading to gum disease which is linked to poor heart health, diabetes, and stroke.

Cross-bites need to be corrected to avoid sinus problems, TMJ, and excessive wear and tear. Misalignment causes jaw problems in the long run.

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Straight teeth are better for lazy people. Kids already don’t brush and floss enough, and neither do adults. Doing it for longer to circumvent extra crooked or crossed-over areas in the mouth is not conducive to our lazy nature. Why do you think they make floss picks?

If Young Gem State Teeth Weren't Aligned, Why Do It as Adults?

It seems strange to see adults with braces, but it is becoming more popular with invisible aligners. Maybe adults decided not to let kids have all the fun.

In reality, it comes down to vanity. Not in the seven deadly sins sense, but vanity nonetheless. Many adults don’t smile as often or big and bright because they are uncomfortable about crooked teeth. If a person is self-conscious about their teeth, that can limit the subtle communication smiling exhibits. Confident people smile more. Maybe all introverts just have crooked teeth?

Smiling, like exercise, raises endorphins. Endorphins help people feel happy. Happy people can get better jobs, socialize more, and positively contribute to society.

Hey, if straightening your teeth as an adult is important to you for a better life, and money is no object, go for it. But, don’t let Hollywood movie types define how your mouth should be. If you are happy with healthy teeth that have character, own it. Whatever gets you to smile more, it is making the world a happier place one smile at a time.

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