I don't consider myself a bear expert and wouldn't advise that you take any tips from me on how to survive a potential bear encounter. However, I don't think what I've found is the right way to do it. It's video shared by a hunter who had a mama bear and cub investigate his tree stand with him still in it.

I have so many questions. It's worth noting if you're new to bear country that the type of bear you're dealing with has a lot to do with best practices to survive. What may be effective in dealing with a grizzly might get you eaten if it's a black or brown bear.

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This hunter stated in his video description that this encounter happened last spring even though he's just now sharing it. He was in his tree stand when he saw a black bear cub approaching his tree stand. In my opinion, this is when his mistakes began.

You'll notice that this guy is completely silent as the cub approaches. My understanding is that when you see a black bear or grizzly, you make yourself known (from a distance hopefully) and allow the bear an escape route. Bear Info Site backs up this strategy.

A couple minutes after the cub appears, a bigger problem approaches: mama. Here's what I feared was going to happen. The curious cub was investigating nearby trees. I envisioned this cub climbing his stand where he was and then mama sees her cub cozied up to a hunter and she intervenes. Fortunately, this is not how it played out.

I'll give this hunter credit for having ice water in his veins. If it were me, I would have alerted these bears to my presence LONG before they were near the tree I was in. But, I'm no bear expert and what this guy did had a happy ending.

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