Driving is a luxury that many of us take for granted, but it can also be extremely frustrating. While it is nice to be able to get in a car and drive to and from stores, work, or vacation, some times being behind the wheel can drive a person insane. Not all drivers are the same, and typically we think that we know more and everyone should drive like us. The differences in driving styles can leave many angry or irritable, as well as many other things taking place out on the road. When it comes to driving in Idaho, how do the drivers react to traffic, how often are horns used, how do they go about dealing with day-to-day traffic, and how long does it take Idaho drivers to get upset behind the wheel?

How Idahoans Deal with Traffic

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Handling traffic can be tough, and where you live can play a factor. Luckily, Idaho is not as bad as other places and doesn't see the traffic flow of places like Chicago, New York City, or the whole state of California. Assurance.com recently released a poll on how Americans handle traffic, and broke it down by state, helping us see how Idahoans handle traffic as well. How do they handle traffic jams? According to the poll, most Idahoans will sit and wait through it, while other places will find a way around it. When it comes to weaving in and out of traffic, 12 percent of drivers in Idaho will weave to get ahead.

How Long Does it Take to Anger Idaho Drivers?

Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz
Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

It doesn't take Idahoans long to lose their patience on the road. While some states can wait in traffic for close to 20 minutes before losing their cool, that isn't the case in the Gem State. On average it only takes 12 minutes for drivers in Idaho to get annoyed or aggravated in traffic. Perhaps the expectation of fewer people, makes our patience lower, or perhaps Idahoans are hot-headed behind the wheel. When it comes to using the horn, 3 percent of Americans claimed they use it often, while 13 percent said sometimes, 54 percent said rarely, and 30 percent said never.

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While Idahoans might not be the best drivers, they might be some of the most impatient ones. Sitting in traffic gets annoying, but 12 minutes seems like a quick trigger to get annoyed. To see the full study, make sure to click the link above. Take a deep breath the next time you find yourself in traffic and beginning to get irritated and know, you will reach your destination eventually.

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