I love Halloween. It is one of the most fun holidays for me with parties, music, costumes, and candy. What I don't get is that at some point people decided that anyone over the age of 15 shouldn't be allowed to go door-to-door trick-or-treating. Why is that?

Should Teenagers Be Allowed To Trick-or-Treat

I don't understand the mentality of those who deny candy to teenage groups. These kids could be out breaking stuff, doing drugs, or other illegal mischief but they are choosing to go around town dressed as their favorite hero and asking for candy from strangers. This problem is being addressed on Facebook to remind community members who give out candy on Halloween to not overlook or discourage this group of kids from participating in Halloween fun.

Teenage Kids On Halloween

I agree with the Facebook post above. When I was a teenager I would still go door to door asking for candy and yelling the 'Smell My Feet' chant. In my neighborhood, there was a man who would give older kids packets of ketchup and mustard instead of candy because he didn't think we should be out with the young kids and families.

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I remember being super excited when we had our first kid and Halloween came around. Now I had an excuse again to dress in a costume and load up on candy. I still am happy to take my teenage kids out to celebrate the holiday and fill our bags with candy. What do you think about older kids and trick-or-treating?

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