In case you were running low on household items amid the insanity of the Coronavirus, a man in Twin Falls is selling household items that have appeared to run out at stores. It will only cost you $55 for all of it.

Now, I may be completely wrong here and just jumping to conclusions, but it appears this guy has decided to make a profit by going to stores, buying these items and reselling them. Or, maybe, he just had this all stockpiled already. Way to be prepared I guess.

On the list of household items for sale is about 8 tubes of toothpaste, 2 big packages of toilet paper, 3 sets of shampoo and conditioner, mouth wast, laundry detergent (both the Tide pods and the liquid detergent), a tooth brush, mouth wash, dish soap and regular body soap.

You must show up at the persons house to pick it up and the entire bundle will only cost you about $55. Call me a skeptic, but for some reason I smell something fishy going on here. $55 seems pretty cheap for all of it.

Over a week ago, a person in Burley posted a ton of household items on Facebook marketplace. They haven't even disclosed pricing. And that is a ridiculous amount of Dawn soap and Febreeze.

This whole thing seems to be getting completely out of control. But I guess if you need it and there aren't any available in stores, at least there is an option for you.

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