Healthy and restaurants don't always mix. Don't get me wrong. I love bottomless chips and fries, but if you made a resolution to eat better these things are not working in your favor.

However, it is possible to eat healthy at these Twin Falls restaurants. Here are our Top 5 favorite Twin Falls restaurants that offer healthy options:

  1. 4 Roots Juice Bar - 4 Roots offers a variety of healthy options and amazing healthy juices. They've been picky for you. So you can order almost have anything off their menu, depending on your diet restrictions.
  2. Twin Falls Sandwich Co. - The Sandwich Co. has some yummy healthy options but be careful of sauces and cheeses. My favorite is to order their Spinach Salad and swap the bacon out for chicken. Again...healthy means different things to different diets. The great news is they source local ingredients and offer vegan possibilities include 2 burgers, a sandwich, and a panini.
  3. KB Burrito - The great things about KB burrito is you can adjust items on their menu to fit any diet restrictions. They offer low carb, gluten free, dairy free, etc. They're a great place to go if everyone in your family is on a different diet.
  4. Elevation 486 - While this Twin Falls restaurant offers a lot of great food, Elevation 486 doesn't have many things that don't need to be modified in order to be healthy. Again, this depends on your diet.
    Their salads can be healthy if you are mindful of the cheese and their Idaho Ruby Red Trout is healthy and delicious.
  5. Jimmy Johns - Deli meats are not considered healthy by many people. But Jimmy Johns has built their business off of meats that have no artificial perspectives or ingredients with minimal processing. In a pinch I love Jimmy Johns.

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