I believe that planning ahead can save you a lot of trouble but this is CRAZY!

A survey from PR Newswire was conducted over Labor Day weekend. The survey found that one in seven people have already started shopping for Christmas gifts.

This makes me feel a little behind but, one in seven is only about 14%. This however make me REALLY behind...2% of people said they're already DONE with their Christmas shopping. What?

If you do that math, that means roughly 4.6 million Americans are either really organized or crazy.

The survey also found that Grandparents are more likely to be in the group that is done with their Christmas shopping by September. People with kids are almost twice as likely to have started shopping, and 18% of people who plan to do most of their shopping online have already bought at least one present.

77% of us, including myself, don't plan to finish shopping until at least December 1st though.