According to ye ol' calendar, today is Look Up At The Sky Day! How did I not remember this blessed occasion when all gather outside to... look up at the sky?

What? Where do these whacked-out days keep coming from?

The calendar is replete with these weird, and in most cases, totally pointless days. They serve no purpose, as far as I can tell, other than to be weird. Here's how the rest of your week shakes out:

  • April 12th - Look Up At The Sky Day/Licorice Day: Maybe you can have some licorice while you look up at the sky?
  • April 13th - Friday the 13th/Scrabble Day: Warning - playing Scrabble on Friday the 13th may cause a letter tile to be lodged in your brain.
  • April 14th - Reach As High As You Can Day/Ex-Spouse Day: I really have no explanation for Ex-Spouse Day. It's just baffling. Who would want to celebrate their EX-Spouse?
  • April 15th - High-Five Day/Tax Day: Get a high-five when your taxes are done? (Or a dork-slap depending on how much you're getting back or have to pay.)

Furthermore, how do we come to celebrate or even talk about these silly days? Someone, somewhere, had to lobby for these days to be created and pushed onto the calendar in the first place, right? Who does that?