It seems crazy to think that summer is almost officially completely over. Fall is almost a month away and with the changing of the seasons comes all things spooky. It looks like Spirit Halloween is officially hiring for Twin Falls.

Rumor has it that Spirit Halloween will be coming in to the old Shopko building in the mall. I mean that would make sense since their previous location, which was the old Sears building, will be occupied by Kohl's. Hopefully Kohl's will be open by Halloween time anyway.

So it looks like right now if you are looking for a temporary job you could apply for store manager and assistant store manager according to some online hiring websites.

Spirit Halloween is one of my favorite stores of all time. Sure they are only temporary but it is a great way to find everything you could possibly want or need for Halloween. Last year we ended up getting a giant scary howling werewolf for our house. We proudly have now been deemed the werewolf house for all the kids in the neighborhood.

The only bad thing that I would have to say about Spirit Halloween coming in to town again is that I will end up spending way too much money there again this year. If I was looking for a temporary job I would definitely go for this because that means I would likely get an employee discount and end up with even more Halloween decorations in my house.

I love summer time and I am definitely sad to see it come to an end, and I am not quite ready for Halloween. But, it gives me something to look forward to in October.

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