Garth Brooks may be getting to close to touring again! His youngest daughter is heading off to college, so he and Trisha Yearwood are moving from Oklahoma to Nashville.  Trisha says, quote, "It's time for us to do the next thing and we're excited.  There's an energy about Nashville that I love and I miss and it makes sense because it's been a bit of a challenge to not live there and fly in and out for work."

Trisha Yearwood and her un-retired husband Garth Brooks are moving back to Nashville.  Garth's youngest daughter is heading off to college in the fall so there's nothing to keep them in Oklahoma.

They're no regrets, though.  Trisha says, quote, "It's been the right thing to be at home.  But Garth and I both feel like the job of being home every day and going to every soccer practice, that job is coming to an end for us. That could mean they will start touring.

"So it's time for us to do the next thing, and we're excited for whatever's next for us."