Forbes magazine put together a list of little things you say at work that could be holding your career back.  There are a few obvious ones, like saying "I can't," or "That's not my job."  But here are four that were kind of interesting.

1.)  "I Think."  According to one expert, if you start too many sentences with "I think," you start coming across as weak and unsure of yourself.

You obviously shouldn't state EVERYTHING like it's a fact.  But saying "I think" isn't really necessary very often, because it's obviously what you THINK if you're the one SAYING it.

2.)  "I Don't Know."  You'll look like a much more valuable employee if you say something like, "Let me find out, and I'll get back to you."  Just saying "I don't know" might be the TRUTH, but it's also kind of a cop out.

3.)  "I'll Try."  It implies that whatever you're supposed to do might not get finished.  So if you don't think you'll have TIME to do something your boss wants you to, talk to him about it and explain WHY.

Otherwise, tell him you'll get it done, then do it.  Don't just say you'll "try" to.

4.)  The Word "But."  Instead, you're supposed to use the word "and" whenever you can.  Obviously you can't ALWAYS do that though.

People just tend to focus on the NEGATIVE aspect of something, if that's what they're presented with.  And the word "and" doesn't imply any negative angle on what you're saying.