We are all human. There are plenty of completely reasonable scenarios in which we may be late to work. There may have been a train stopping traffic and there was no option to take another route. There may have been a diversion and traffic backup from a traffic light being damaged. Snow may have fallen at just the right time and temperature to leave an icy mess and plenty of fender benders to contend with.

Whatever the reason or rationale, late is still late. Many employers are more than willing to accept a tardy employee on occasion, but employees should realize these few minutes add up by the end of the year. Every minute lost is money the employer pays for a job NOT to be done.

How Much Time Do Idaho Employees Sluff Off Their Employers?

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A few minutes every now and then doesn’t seem like it could be such a big deal. But these moments add up. The average Idaho employee tallies up 40 minutes per week. That works out to 35 hours per year. In total, it adds up to over $325 million each year of lost work time.

What Factors Are There In Being Tardy to Work?

It could be as easy as employees not being concerned with being a little late if all the work gets done by the end of the day. There are cultural differences to consider as well as ideas like terrain. An employee who has to deal with snow on roads has more to contend with than an employee living in Southern California. Commuters in Montana don’t have to deal with a breakdown on the subway.

This is not only applicable to commuters. People logging in from home are late to work as well, they just don’t have the classic reasons. People aren’t only late first thing in the morning. Many tardy hours happen after a long lunch.

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Maybe employees could use an expensive watch gifted by their employer to keep the time close at hand. Keeping time on a cell phone is fine, but the phone isn’t always in view - hence the tardy clock-in, right?

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