Float Magic is a new business opening soon in Downtown Twin Falls. The health and wellness center focuses on helping people relax, meditate, offer massages and more. They will be located at 152 2nd Ave South.

Float therapy is becoming popular pretty much everywhere. They offer float therapy tanks that, according to the Float Magic website, decreases stress. In the float tank there will be restricted light and sound, you will float in a warm 94 degree temperature pool and rest. The acronym R.E.S.T stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy. It sounds incredibly interesting to me.

Float Magic is also going to offer saunas, massage chairs, light therapy sessions and more. Honestly I don't know a lot about some of the packages that they are offering because I have never done the whole "self care" thing on this level but I really want to.

There are a ton of packages that you can purchase right now before they open. Some of them are great for couples, some for a girls day, some just for you and they even have monthly memberships that you can get.

They aren't open yet but I am excited to see everything and experience everything they have to offer in January when they are able to finally open. Here is to hoping that there are no hiccups in the rest of construction because I am ready for my spa day.

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