Driving in the winter in Idaho can be dangerous and difficult for drivers. There is a lot that comes with it. You have to be mindful of drifting snow, black ice, and high winds. Part of driving through these conditions is preparing your car. You need to make sure your tires are in good condition, you have an ice scraper in your car, and of course that your windshield is clear before you even start driving. If you don't have an ice scraper, finger nails or frisbees work well too. 

Clear Your Windshield Before Driving

Courtesy, Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office.
Courtesy, Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office.

Make sure to take your time each morning to scrape your windshield before getting behind the wheel. It is also smart to scrape the back and side windows as well, but if you do not do so it may cost you dearly. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office stated that they will be stopping drivers who have not properly cleared their windshields and will be fining them $99.

It is not only unsafe for the driver but also other drivers as well if your view is obscured. It also is against the law in Idaho. Make sure to fully clear the windshield or you will get pulled over and ticketed. No more driving with your head out the window. 

The Sheriff's Department Will Be Handing Out Ice Scrapers

Defrosting ice from car windshield

If you are unfortunate enough to be pulled over and ticketed, as a consolation, the Twin Falls Sheriff's department will also hand you an ice scraper before sending you on your way. You can view this as a free ice scraper, but with the ticket attached to it, that is $99 just for an ice-scraper. That is pretty expensive. It would be better to buy one for less than ten dollars and scrape it ahead of time. I can think of a lot of better things to spend almost a hundred dollars on. 

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Make sure to be safe this winter. Take a little extra time before jumping in the car and scrape, brush and clear your windshield of any ice, snow, or anything else that could block your view. Do not be the one that gets pulled over and ends up with an expensive ice scraper. Be safe and smart out there. 

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