Remember when the lip sync challenges were all the rage on social media? It has been one of the few social media challenges that I could get behind because they were not destructive or harmful.

Finally! The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office has released their lip sync challenge, and you are going to want to see it!

I love watching police officers and other law enforcement get together to do something fun and exciting that the community can get behind. These types of videos and challenges make them so much more personable and you realize, they are more than just a badge.

Seriously, this is pretty epic. A lot of time and effort went in to this. And it was worth it!

I wanted to share this again because sometimes you just need a smile. There are so much hate lately for law enforcement, it is great to see them be able to let their hair down and have a good time. There is nothing better than making fun of yourself and making people laugh.

I think we should bring this trend back! With all the other social media challenges that come and go that can actually be harmful, this is one that needs to be brought back. It is lighthearted, it makes people laugh, and it's fun.

I have no idea how to make something go viral for a second time, let alone a first. So someone with the magical skills that creates these challenges, bring this one back!

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