It sounds a little morbid, but going to visit famous people's graves is kind of amazing. There are some pretty famous people buried in Idaho. We have a list of some of them that you definitely want to see.

First and foremost, Ernest Hemingway. He had a home in Sun Valley, he actually killed himself in Sun Valley and is buried with his family there. I have had the privilege of going and paying my respects. If you visit there is usually pennies, empty liquor bottles and sometimes books left on his grave.

Ann Sothern, an actress in the 1950's is also buried in Ketchum. She dies of heart failure in her home there and is buried in the Ketchum Cemetery.

The Native American chief Buffalo Horn is buried in Fort Hall in Bingham County. Buffalo Horn was a Bannock War Chief and united States Army Indian Scout.

Lyda Southard, Idaho's first serial killer is also in Idaho. Lyda Southard killed her husbands and got away with it for a long time. She is buried in the Twin Falls.

I. B. Perrine of course is buried in Twin Falls. I mean, he was a huge reason Twin Falls is here right now.

For baseball lovers, Harmon Clayton Killebrew Jr is buried in Payette County. He was a Hall of Fame Baseball player.

For more famous names click here.

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