There are new brands of products hitting the market every day. Some names are more memorable than others. Those names become what we call the product, regardless of the company that manufactures it.

Products We Call By Their Brand Names Knowing We’re Wrong

Some everyday products we use, we call by brand names even if we don’t use that particular brand. Kleenex is a brand name of facial tissue, but some people buy Puffs brand tissue. We still ask someone to ‘pass the Kleenex, please.’ Flavored drink mixes are most often called Kool-Aid. When a child has a booboo, a Band-Aid makes the ouch feel better, not an adhesive bandage. It’s an easy way to describe a product.

There may be products you use that you aren’t aware are brand names. Some may have expired trademarks, but the inventors and marketers should get their nod.

Products We Never Knew Were Brand Names

Air Bubble Wrapping
Credit Canva

Bubble Wrap’ by name is owned by the Sealed Air Corporation. If you would like to be prober about verbiage, try bubble packing, air packing, or air bubble film.

Large Trash Bin
Credit Canva

Not everyone is aware that ‘Dumpster’ is a brand name. The Dempster Dumpster was a product in 1951.

Bomb Pops
Credit Canva

A ‘Popsicle’ is a tasty treat on a hot day, but don’t be misled. You may purchase flavored ice pops, but who calls them that?

vaseline tub
Credit Canva

It sounds a bit strange to ask about petroleum jelly, but if you say ‘Vaseline,’ we all know what you’re talking about.

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