New items are invented every day. Sometimes the brand name they are marketed by gets stuck in our heads. Even if an item is a generic brand of something, we still use the brand name. Sometimes, we don’t even know there is another name for it.

Products We Call By Their Brand Names Knowing it is Incorrect

Some things we know are brand names, but it is easier to use them instead of the product description. Kleenex is a brand name of facial tissue. Even if we buy Puffs, we still ask someone to ‘Pass the Kleenex, please.’ There are plenty of flavored drink mixes, but when there is a pitcher in the fridge, you offer Kool-Aid even though you know it isn’t. When a kid skins their knee, they don’t come to you and ask for an ‘adhesive bandage.’ They ask for a Band-Aid. It is the easiest way to describe a product.

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But there are some products that you may not even know you are using the brand name, not the product name. Some trademarks have expired, but give the inventors and marketers their due.

Products We Never Knew We Were Calling By Their Brand Name

popping wrap
Credit Canva

Bubble Wrap’ is a name that is owned by the Sealed Air Corporation. Sure, it is kind of generic, but officially you should call it air bubble packing, or bubble wrapping.

Skip Bin
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Did you know ‘Dumpster’ is a brand name? The Dumpster was created by Dempster Brothers, Inc. and was called the Dempster Dumpster. Before the trademark expired, skip or skip bin was appropriate.

ice pops
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A ‘Popsicle’ is great on a hot day, but only if you buy that brand. Otherwise, you are getting flavored ice pops.

Luckily, the trademark police don’t come to your house to charge you for using their proper names. It’s free advertising. Makes these products literally a household name.

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