I've been in radio for 15 years and the landscape has changed dramatically. When I started we still used cart machines and reels, and had no idea what "social media" was. Now everything is digital, we're all citizen journalists, and we spend just as much time worrying about Analytics as we do Arbitron.

Ever dreamed of getting a gig in radio? Today may be your lucky day.

The College of Southern Idaho is hosting a Career and College Expo today from 10a until 4p and representatives from Townsquare Media (the nation's fourth largest owner of radio stations in the United States) will be on hand and answering all of your questions.

Radio isn't just about hosting a show on-air anymore. While good radio is still very much the core of what we do, we're just as interested in finding good writers for our sites, people who are digitally savvy, great audio creators, and those who are interested in following radio's evolution into the digital age.

Does all of this sound like you? Come see us as the CSI Career & College Expo today until 4p--I'll be there from 2p - 4p.

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