Ahh ... your tax forms are done, signed, and sent. You think you can relax.

And then you realize there's a problem, either because you receive a notice from the IRS or because your refund is delayed so you go digging. The IRS sees errors ranging from small (wrong Social Security Numbers, unsigned forms, or incorrect direct deposit information) to large (you claimed the wrong deductions, haven't filed taxes for years, or face penalties).

You may find out that your tax preparer isn't prepared to help you year-round. What should you do if you can't reach your tax preparer after you've filed and you discover a problem? Of course, the IRS has pages and pages of information online, but you can find details about calling the IRS directly here. The Idaho State Tax Commission has its phone information and FAQs here.

Of course, the permanent solution is to find a tax preparer who has the expertise and commitment to help you whenever you need it. An enrolled agent has the training and credentials to represent you to the IRS or State Tax Commission and work on your behalf to help resolve issues whenever they arise.

Not only is Dave Wendall of Elite Accounting an enrolled agent, but he's committed to serving his clients' tax and accounting needs year-round. They are there every day, not just during tax season, and can help you plan and manage your taxes and accounting. If you'd like to set up a consultation to learn how he can help you or your business, simply call 208-825-1641 or fill out this form.

In addition, Dave loves answering questions! Click here to submit to #AskDave and he just might answer your question in a future article.

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