Twin Falls is quickly growing and the more people move here, the more companies, businesses, and eating options that are popping up around town. There have been so many great additions to the Magic Valley, but there are some still missing that many crave and would like to call the area home. Some have tried and failed, but there is one restaurant that has never made Twin Falls home, that needs to be added to the Magic Valley as soon as possible.

Cracker Barrel in Twin Falls

When it comes to having new restaurants and eating options coming to the Magic Valley, many are focused on fast food, and options in the region that aren't offered in Twin Falls. Instead of focusing on the quick eating options, why not add a restaurant that makes too much sense to add to Twin Falls? Cracker Barrel has long been a popular chain that offers shopping and eating, and the food selection and atmosphere would fit easily in Twin Falls. Shockingly, the Magic Valley doesn't have one already, with the closest ones being in Boise or Salt Lake City. Twin Falls needs to add a Cracker Barrel. 

Why Twin Falls Needs a Cracker Barrel

If you have eaten at Cracker Barrel, you know why one would fit in Twin Falls. The food style fits what many in the area enjoy, and it wouldn't be surprising to see it often crowded at lunch and dinner times, especially on weekends. The store would offer more shopping and would thrive in a town like Twin Falls. Imagine sitting on the porch, rocking in the chairs on a nice spring or summer afternoon. If you put the store near the canyon with a great view, even better. There is always a warm fire going in the restaurant, which makes for a great ambiance in the winter and keeps customers warm. If you have ever had their hash brown casserole, you know why breakfast at Cracker Barrel would be a nice addition to town.

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With such a big farming community and a community that enjoys southern-style cooking, it is hard to see a Cracker Barrel fail in the Magic Valley. The food is good, the shopping is nice, and the feel and look of the popular food chain would fit in perfectly with the community. Instead of having to drive 2 to 3 hours to enjoy a Cracker Barrel, how about adding one to Twin Falls?

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