The Twin Falls City Council voted on the matter on Monday. The intersection of Eastland and Falls will be completely closed down for four weeks for construction.

According to the agenda from the City Council minutes, additional lane closures will need to happen before the initial complete shut down of the intersection. The current plan is that for four weeks, Eastland Drive and Falls Ave intersection will completely shut down. After that, Eastland North would be reopened but Falls Ave East would remain closed for four more weeks.

After those eight weeks are done, the intersection will be completely open and should be up to date. They plan on repaving the intersection, improving drainage and fiber infrastructure. All but one person on the City Council approved the motion.

So, despite the fact that Eastland has been under construction for what seems like an eternity, it will continue. The good news is, the original plan for construction was 15 weeks, this one should only take eight weeks. More inconvenient but less time of being inconvenienced.

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