Everyone thinks they are a great driver and everyone thinks that other people suck at driving. It just is. We all make mistakes while driving. And if you have driven through Twin Falls you have probably gotten stuck behind one or all of these types of drivers.

  • 1

    The Slow Poke

    The driver who likes to drive 10 plus miles under the speed limit. You know, going down Washington when everyone else is going 35, they are going 20.

  • 2

    The Full Sprinter

    The one who is always in a rush. The driver that will go 45 in a 35, speed up to 60 to make a yellow light, the one who guns it out of each parking lot.

  • 3

    I need to turn NOW driver

    They forget to use a turn signal, they will jet across multiple lanes of traffic and cut people off, especially on Poleline trying to get into Costco. They are the ones that might be in the lane going straight, but they realized last minute they need to turn, so they turn from the wrong lane. Everyone knows or has been that person before.

  • 4


    The person driving that weaves between lanes to try and get in front of every car like they are on a race track

  • 5

    Right Down The Middle

    This driver will go down Blue Lakes right down the middle. Not right down the middle of a single lane, but right down the middle between two lanes so no one can get around them.

  • 6

    The Surface of the Sun

    That driver has one million lights on their truck and every single one of them has to be on at all times. It is like seeing the surface of the sun coming down the road.

  • 7

    The forgetful one

    They forget to use a blinker, they forget to turn their headlights on in the middle of the night, and they forget to look and see if traffic is coming at them before they turn out. They also forget to go when the light is green or forget to turn on a yellow arrow.

  • 8

    The Road Rager

    The one that honks and flips the bird but you have no idea why. They have the constant road rage and will yell at everything and everyone around them while they drive.

  • 9

    The left laner

    They camp out in the left lane no matter how slow they are going on the highway. Speed limit 75? That means 55 will do in the left lane. It is even better when they match the speed of the vehicles on the right so no one can get around.

  • 10

    The Standoff

    The drivers come to a four-way stop and everyone is in a standoff seeing who will go first. Forget the "right of way" or "you were here first" mentality. And every time someone starts to go, they all start to go, and then the standoff resumes.

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