The costs of home buying throughout Idaho have been steadily increasing for more than a decade now. A growing trend among people wanting to live life on a smaller, less expensive scale is buying a modest piece of property, and having a company design what are known as tiny homes.

These days, it's almost impossible to navigate your way through websites such as YouTube when researching the home buying process without seeing videos of small, designer homes. This lifestyle is growing more and more popular as home prices continue to skyrocket in certain areas of the United States. There are several companies in the western U.S. that allow people to choose from a number of different home design styles for far less than $100,000.

Snake River Tiny Homes is located in southeast Idaho, in the city of Rigby. The company offers eight styles to select from, including the most expensive model called the Elm ($103,959), and the Roanoke ($89,959), which is the least expensive design. These homes, ranging from 26 to 30 feet, can easily fit on existing family properties and are spacious enough to accommodate two persons.

Some of the models offer a bottom floor and loft, which can be used for a bedroom. Bathrooms, decks, kitchens, living rooms, and skylights are included in most designs. Propane and electrical hookups are also included, and buyers can also design laundry spaces that can accommodate a full washer and dryer. Solar energy packages are also offered.

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Again, this home buying process is ideal for those without a lot of money and looking to simplify. They can also be used as a guest home on an existing family site, which often increases the value of the property.

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