On February 1, Doug Maughan, the silver voice of Twin Falls, posted a picture taunting Mother Nature of him mowing his lawn. On February 2, the ground hog predicted an early Spring. Who is to blame for irritating Mother Nature more?

Doug decided the weather was so nice on February 1 that he mowed his lawn. We can only imagine this made Mother Nature angry, considering we are still in the thick of winter months. Mr. Maughan was laughing in the face of nature, enjoying it just a little too much.

The silly groundhog the VERY NEXT DAY decided it was going to predict an early Spring. He got everyone super excited for potential warm weather sticking around. Mother Nature knows that a groundhog isn't a meteorologist and now she is showing us we shouldn't put our faith in a rodent.

Who is more to blame for the recent weather?

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