After all of that hard work carving your pumpkin for Halloween, it's now probably sitting on your front porch rotting. For most of us, this is when we take the Jack O' Lantern on that fateful walk to the garbage can, but this year you can help feed the Elk of Buhl.

Erin Miller, co-owner of the Miller Elk Farm in Buhl, says that--for whatever reason--their elk love to munch on the left-over pumpkins. On Saturday (November 2nd) you can take your left-over Halloween pumpkins to Miller Elk Farm between 2 pm and 4 pm and get up close with the elk.

During the Elk Feed, you'll be loaded up onto the Miller's flatbed, hauled into the elk pens, and allowed to hand-feed the elk with your left-over pumpkins. It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see a huge elk walk right up to you and take pumpkin out of your hand.

This year do something different with your left-over pumpkins. Instead of trashing them, feed the Elk of Buhl! They'll thank you for it.

Miller Elk Farm

1634 E 4200 N, Buhl, ID
(208) 539-9562
Elk Feed - November 2nd from 2 pm to 4pm
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