If not for my wife, I'd live in a dump.  And she's probably right.  Before I was married, I probably vacuumed once per month (sometimes less) and I don't recall ever washing the outside of a window or even looking in my oven any longer than it took to take out a frozen pizza.

Apparently, I'm not alone.  A recent survey says that 27 %of us don't clean windows and 23% of us don't ever get around to cleaning an oven.  I'm okay with that.  Of all the surfaces in the house, I have to think that the oven takes care of itself.  Any bacteria that might get a chance to cultivate between uses has die off each time you fire it up, right?  So why bother?  (Disclaimer - I am NOT a scientist or a doctor.  Consult a professional if you must know what lives in your oven, or whether or not it can kill you.)

No matter where you fall in "the numbers" I think it's universal that married couples have different ideas of what clean is.  My wife likes to vacuum every day.  I think that once per week ought to do the trick.  Then again, if not for my wife, I'd live in a dump.  :)