It took me a couple of times to notice it, but the speed limit heading west on Highway 30 into Buhl has changed. They've lowered it to 45.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department because of crashes, speed violations, and the general topography of the road, the 45 mile per hour speed zone has been extended further east. The change went in to effect last Friday, August 24th.

From the ITD Press Release:

The speed limit change is the result of an engineering speed study that found the average speed of traffic through the area was about 53 mph but varied greatly with the number of turning vehicles to and from the residential and commercial access points. The speed limit also will encompass the 1600 East Road intersection, which is one of the high-accident locations in southern Idaho.

The speed zone formerly changed from 45 mph to 60 mph near the intersection of 1600 East Road. The 45-mph speed zone has been extended about one-half mile east, beyond the top of the hill that includes several residential and commercial access points.

I think it's a good thing that the speed limit has been lowered. I've seen far too many terrible accidents in that area, and this should help. I think we should all be driving a little slower and a little less aggressively anyway, especially in School Zones, but this is a good start.

Just remember to slow down a little sooner heading into Buhl.

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