Diamondz Event Center in Jerome has announced that they will be closing their doors permanently. I am so sad to hear this. Their final show is going to be in April of next year.

Diamondz announced the closure yesterday as they begin to wind down their scheduled concerts. The owners have not returned comment as to why when I reached out to them just yet. As soon as I know I will relay that information.

I have been to several concerts at Diamondz and have had a great time every time I went. The venue was large enough you didn't feel like you were being swarmed by people but small enough it was an intimate show. Most of the time you could hang out with the bands before and after the shows.

The last few shows available are going to be mic.ill's on December 21st, Micky and the Motorcars with Gary and Cindy Braun December 28th, Struggle Jennings with Hot N Heated and Devil's County on January 29th, Colt Ford on February 16th, Moonshine Bandits on March 29th and Royal Bliss on April 4th.

You can still get tickets for all of these shows at jerometickets.com. Diamondz said that Royal Bliss was their first show and now it will be their final show. We are super sad to see them go. They have been in business for over 10 years. If you want to check out the venue before they close at least you have a few months to do so. They had some pretty decent food options as well.

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