Sometimes people want to live where the action is. State capitals are one of those locations. It’s where the laws get voted on. It’s where the who’s who in politics congregate to grease the wheels of democracy and some junk.


You would expect a state capital to set a standard of excellence for others to look up to. This is where a city could be a prototype everyone else copies and hopes to achieve. Regrettably, that is not always the case.

There can be a higher cost of living in a state capital. The school system may need to be revised. In some states, the crime rate in state capitals is significantly higher, and not because they have a higher population than other cities.

What Makes a State Capital Better Than Another?

WalletHub put together some key factors that would make a city desirable to live in. They took into account affordability, economic well-being, quality of life, education, and health. After crunching the numbers, there are some key winners and losers.

Source: WalletHub

Notice Boise is sitting pretty in 4th place. While some politics come into play being the state capital, Boise is a pretty great state capital to live in if you have to be close to where the lawmakers appear in one place together. Nearby Salt Lake City and Denver even make it into the top 10.

It is somewhat surprising that Sacramento, California makes a showing as high as 24th place considering the challenges the state has been facing. Though it isn’t too unbelievable that Trenton, New Jersey scored low on the list. If you ever visit The Garden State, you’ll understand.

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Though some state capitals may score better than Boise, Idaho in some areas, the overall rating holds. Idaho is better than most. The moment people can accept it is the moment they can start to get better.

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