Living in Twin Falls can be enjoyable. It is a small town built within a farming community and has a little bit of an old-town feel with some modern-day mixed in. The town has been growing over the last several years, and part of that is because everyone wants to enjoy life in Twin. There are plenty of job opportunities, it isn't a major city, but there is enough to do, compared to smaller towns. It offers plenty for those looking to settle down and start a family, perhaps for those looking to retire in a quiet area, or for those looking to make a living and find a place to call home. While Twin has been a great town to live in for decades, the times have changed, and a few things have made living in Twin a little bit tougher to swallow. Some may go as far as saying it sucks living in Twin Falls now, and their argument might be valid.

Twin Falls Has Changed for the Worse

Credit: Twin Falls
Credit: Twin Falls

While living in Twin Falls isn't terrible, it isn't what it used to be. Over the last few years, everything has gone up in price. To be fair, this isn't only Twin Falls, but everywhere. The problem is, that salaries haven't gone up, making Twin a little too expensive for some. Another issue with Twin Falls is that the town has grown drastically over the last decade, and this has led to more traffic, more crowded stores, and some unwanted people. The more people move in, the more problems occur as well. There are more wrecks on the road, there is more crime, and even the homeless population has risen as well. As the town grows, these problems will worsen, and the once quiet farming community that ran Twin Falls will become a thing of the past. With all this occurring, is it time to pack up and leave town? 

It's Time to Leave Twin Falls


This problem won't be slowing down, and as mentioned above, will likely continue to get worse. Twin Falls is a place that many are moving to, and unfortunately, it brings many problems with it. While there are some advantages to the town growing, for those that moved here to escape more populated areas, or for those that have lived here their whole lives, the town many once knew will never be the same. Some of these problems will follow, such as things being expensive, traffic, and car wrecks, but it might be time to think about packing up and moving elsewhere. Do you stay in Idaho, or do you move completely out of state and look for a new beginning? For some, Twin is home and all they have ever known, and they will stay no matter what, but for others, the writing is on the wall it might be time to start looking around. 

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As the phrase goes, 'the grass isn't always greener on the other side.' While Twin has changed and is becoming unlivable in certain aspects, there are still plenty of positives to point out as well. If you can't handle all of the bad, then perhaps Twin isn't for you, but for those that enjoy the Magic Valley, you suck it up and try to make the town a little bit better each day.

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