Imagine having a nice night out with your family, enjoying dinner, having a fun conversation, and all of a sudden a wild animal comes rushing through the restaurant. It is one thing if the wild animal is small like a rat, a squirrel, or even a raccoon, but imagine a bigger animal coming through. How would you feel if you saw a deer rushing by your table? It would happen so quickly and unexpectedly, that it would be tough to know what to do. A deer recently crashed a family's dinner at a restaurant, and it happened to all be caught on camera.

Deer Crashes Through Window of Restaurant

Imagine the fear that goes through you, as you eat dinner, and look up from your plate to see a deer come crashing through a window right next to you. The video above shows exactly that, as a family was terrified as the deer crashed through the glass, and then stumbled through the restaurant and kitchen, before leaving through the back door. The video above took place in Tennessee, but what is to stop a deer from doing the same here? It isn't uncommon to see deer in the area, and there are plenty of diners for them to rush through. In Idaho, if a deer came through a restaurant like the video above, it would likely be on the menu the following day. While the video above is shocking, it is not the only occurrence of this kind to happen recently.

Deer Chases Off Crowd During Lunch Rush

The situation above is a little scarier than the first. This deer, like the first video, crashed through a window, breaking glass, and then ran through the dining area, which was much busier than the first video. This one took place in Wisconsin at Noodle & Company. The deer eventually made its way to the kitchen, where it calmly explored the area, before leaving out the backdoor. Incidents like this should be rare, but with multiple videos in different states having it happen, should the residents of the Magic Valley be concerned and alert when eating out in the area?

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Wild animals are unpredictable and there is a reason that the word 'wild' is used to describe them. While deer are typically calm and majestic animals, they have a need and want for certain restaurants, as humans do. These videos are shocking and entertaining, but if you were in the restaurant when they happen, I am sure it would be a terrifying experience. The next time you go out to eat, perhaps avoid a window booth or table, and be alert, because you never know when a deer or other wild animal could be rushing through.

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