Early decision time for high school seniors planning on furthering their education is right around the corner. A new study out has the colleges and universities in Idaho ranked. If you or your child is looking to go to college next year, this may be a good starting point before you make any decisions.

Wallethub did a study to determine which colleges and universities in Idaho are the best based on things like tuition, loan debt, acceptance rate and usability of a degree after received. According to them, the top four colleges and universities in Idaho are as follows:

1.) University of Idaho

2.) Northwest Nazarene University

3.) Boise State University

4.) Lewis-Clark State College.

I have to admit I am surprised that Boise State is ranked third. That just means the rivalry between Boise State and the University of Idaho is on an extra level.

The University of Idaho ranked first in having the lowest on-campus crime rate, graduation rate, gender and racial diversity and post-attendance median salary.

Boise State University did not rank number one in any category. However, it did rank second in on-campus crime and gender and racial diversity. BSU ranked third in admission rate, net cost, graduation rate and post-attendance median salary.

It is interesting that Lewis-Clark State College is ranked fourth in the state of Idaho because if you look at the nationwide list, it comes in last place for admission rate. I guess there are worse things to be known for than just letting everyone into the school.

The Idaho school with the best admission rate and the graduation rate is Northwest Nazarene University.

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