Crumbl is a new cookie shop that plans on opening their doors this Thursday, February 27th in Twin Falls and we are so excited. Their cookies look fantastic.

Crumbl cookies have a rotating menu every week and they are baked fresh. They are having their Grand Opening on Thursday February 27th and they will be open from 10 a.m. until midnight. I love a bakery that stays open late. Plus, they will deliver warm fresh cookies to your door! You can also pre-order cookies and pick them up at their kitchen.

They have even created a sweet little song and video about their cookies and new shop opening in Twin Falls.

They are located at 799 Cheney Drive space 30C. Since that seems confusing, they are where Papa Murphy's used to be over by the Jimmy Johns and Cold Stone.

The best news is they will be open just in time for Free Cookie Day which they will celebrate on Friday February 28th. Again, open from 10 am until midnight.

Thies week's cookie selection are churro, lemon glaze, peanut butter and jelly, s'mores brownie, milk chocolate chip and chilled sugar. Who thinks about making a churro and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a cookie? It's genius! I guess that is why I don't bake.

They even have an app that you can download on your phone to get delivery and information faster. I love technology, almost as much as I love cookies.

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