I don't use the word "hero" very often . . . but I think you'll agree this time it's appropriate.  CRAIG MORGAN actually ran into a burning house on Sunday and rescued two small boys who were trapped inside. 

 On their syndicated radio show, Craig told Big D and Bubba that he was driving in the car with his wife and kids near their home in Dickson, Tennessee when they came upon a burning house. 

Craig explains, quote, "So I ran over there real quick (and) this lady says, 'My kids are in there.'  So I ran in the house and it was smoked-up and there was a little guy (about) 10 years old or so and he ran FROM me, of course . . .

 "He was terrified because of the smoke and I yanked him up and then another child came out of the bedroom and I grabbed him and took 'em out and gave them to the mom . . .

 "Now it's a pretty good blaze at this point and we're trying to put it out and by now the volunteer fire department shows up and they got there and we extinguished the fire and I left."

You heard right.  Craig also helped put the fire out.  He's a former EMT and Assistant Deputy Sheriff . . . and Army Ranger.  Yes, he's more badass than you and I will ever be.

 But Craig doesn't think what he did was out of the ordinary.  Listen to what he told his family when he got back in the car.  He said, quote, "I told my kids when you see something like that, that's what you do."