As the first fall weekend where snow is predicted for the Magic Valley approaches, there is still an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy a walk through the College of Southern Idaho park to get a look at the beautiful leaves that have blown from the branches of a number of tree species that adorn the campus.

There is a reason why so many people chose to spend their lunch hours parked near CSI's disc golf park. This time of year in particular you'll see many people walking the grounds as a way to get some exercise in before heading back to the office or picking kids up from school.

I took advantage of a brief window I had on Thursday to head down to the park and snap some photos of a few of the spots on the Twin Falls campus that I think really reflect the seasonal changes coming. It's also a great way to let children burn off some energy while frolicking in the leaves.

The forecast for this weekend is calling for plummeting temperatures and a 20 to 30 percent chance of snow Saturday night into Sunday. By the start of the workweek Monday, sites such as the CSI park and the leaves that blanket the grounds might lose some of its fall luster once the dampness accumulates.

If you get the opportunity in the next 48 hours to take the walk throughout the grounds and over the small bridges that provide a pathway across park streams, I highly recommend it. The combination of a cold winter and increasingly worse pandemic may not allow for too many opportunities to get out in the coming months.

CSI Fall Leaves

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