This time of year, all of the buzz in the air in Boise-- whether you like it or not-- is on Boise State football. After over a decade of success, major national spotlights, and big wins, this Boise State football program is bigger than ever and is constantly climbing the ranks.

Here's the trick, when it comes to Boise State: one loss, and the team struggles. In order for Boise State to get any REAL looks for national titles or major bowl games, it's as if the team needs to go undefeated--a pretty unrealistic goal that typically, nobody is able to reach by the end of the season. Another hurdle for Boise State football continues to be the structure of college football rankings. Unlike basketball, where all a team needs to do is WIN in the tournament--even the little guys--football only allows 4 teams to play for a shot at the title and only one "little guy" is guaranteed a spot on the big stage for a major bowl game.

As this season continues and Boise State fights to win (and its fans root for a couple of pesky non-power five teams to lose), they will need to be the top ranked non-power-five team in the crucial College Football Playoff Rankings, which were just released tonight for the first time. The results? Well obviously Boise State is nowhere near the top 4 paces needed to be in the playoff for a National Championship, however, they DID make the Top 25. In this first release of the season, Boise State has been ranked #22. Non-Power Five teams ahead of them are: Memphis at #21 and Cincinnati at #20. Things aren't looking TOO bad for Boise State here, but they DO need to jump both of these programs. Other notable northwest teams in the rankings are Oregon and Utah, at numbers 7 and 8 respectively.

See the full release of these rankings, HERE.

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